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10 Essential Tools For Tutors

Tutoring has been my other income earner. In fact, I started tutoring way before I became a qualified teacher. As a tutor I depend on a variety of tools and resources to help me prepare for my tutoring sessions. I have used several websites to organise and support my tutoring. I hope the websites below will be of help to you as a tutor:

    1. EdmodoAn easy way to collaborate with your tutees, organise homework etc.
    2. FormativeConvert your worksheets into online worksheets and get instant feedback.
    3. TES – Get free and premium worksheets
    4. Cimt – Free Maths worksheets
    5. Andy Dravill’s KS3 and KS4 Science website

  1. NT KS3 Science Crosswords
  2. Online2Pdf – Convert Pdf files to other formats or vice versa
  3. TutorHunt – Find your prospective students here
  4. Symbaloo – A bookmarking website
  5. idroo – Very useful for online tutoring
  6. wizer – Set great looking homework and get instant feedback for your tutees.

If you use other tools or websites in your tutoring please share through the comments section below.
Note: Please check again later for new additions to this list.


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