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4 Maths Websites For Revision

It’s the time of the year when most students are busy preparing for the GCSE exams or End of Year exams.  Your teachers would have told you when exactly the exams are and would have reminded you to revise for the exam. Those students taking the GCSE exams in May and June will be spending a lot of time going through past papers and practice questions. Here are four Maths websites that can help you revise Maths.

Corbett Maths
This website is free to use. Loads of worksheets and practice papers for you to use. I would highly recommend you go through the 5-A-Day exercises. You can attempt 2 or 3 of these in a day but space it out through the day rather than doing it in one go..

If you are looking for more practise with exam-type questions then I would recommend this website. I like the idea of monitoring your progress as you answer each question. Make sure you work out the answers on paper and type the answers in spaces provided. You will get a grade when you complete a paper. You can keep track of your progress by registering to the website. You can then gauge your understanding of the various topics especially the ‘Demon’ topics.

Maths Genie
Another topic with a lot of practise papers or exam-style questions. Again you can download the papers and work through them or do them in paper. The papers have been divided in to Foundation and Higher so that you can choose the papers that are appropriate to your level. There is also work for KS5 (sixth Form) Maths.

Mr. Cater Maths

A very good website for revising Maths especially the differentiated worksheets. Answers are provided and you have the option printing out the worksheets.

Wishing all students best of luck in your exams.


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