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7 Ways Teachers Can Earn Extra Income Online

As a teacher myself I find it hard to make ends meet with my teachers income. I have to supplement my main income by other means if I wish to save money for a holiday or a rainy day. Here I describe 7 ways I earn extra income online.  I hope this will motivate other teachers and even non-teachers to earn money online. 

1. Tutoring – person to person

This a obvious choice as second income for teachers. The tutoring sector is growing very fast and teachers can take advantage of this to establish themselves as tutors. It requires some sacrifice of time an effort initially in preparing the work. However, the returns are worth it especially for teachers teaching English, Maths and Science. These subjects are in demand. 

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2.Teaching Online

Thanks to the growth in video conferencing technology, teachers can now teach anyone at  anytime any where in the world. This is especially great for language teachers. All you will need is a good computer with internet facility. Some tutoring websites are now providing this service and makes it easy for teachers to run an online teaching class.

3. Online Courses

Teachers can now earn extra income by creating online course in their subjects. Websites like Udemy, Lynda, Coursera etc. offer a platform for teachers to post their online course.

4. Sell Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Those lesson plans and resources you had spend hours creating can now be sold easily on various websites including TES and Teachers Pay Teachers. As teaching workload increases, teachers are looking for suitable resources and lesson plans online that would not require too much time adapting to their own classes. You can set your own price and even bundle the lesson plans or resources to make more money.

5. Write an eBook
Creating and selling eBooks on your chosen subject is also popular online. You can sell these eBooks on websites like Amazon, Kobo, Google Play etc. Again you set your price and many teachers have made big incomes just from writing eBooks.

6. Become a Blogger

A lot websites are looking for writers to contribute to their blogs. Websites like Fiverr and eLancer will be suitable places for you to advertise your blogging skills and get clients. You can become a ghost writer or start your own blog in your field of expertise. On your own blog you can create several streams of income through affiliate marketing and PPC.

7. Sell your handmade products/unwanted items

Product design teachers and teachers with hobbies making crafts have another avenue for making money. You can sell your handmade products on websites like Etsy and Posh. You can also sell on Facebook, Ebay and Amazon.

This list is not exhaustive. You just have to look around and research on many other ways to make money online. The 7 ways of making money above are the more popular ways of earning an extra income.

Best of luck.


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