Blogging and WordPress Blog
Blogging has been one of my main activities online. I write on several topics including education, environment and online marketing. I use free hosted platforms like Blogger, Edublogs and WordPress to blog about these topics. I have also included some articles on blogging as a hobby and source of income.

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I Can Help You – Free Service

I have been building wordpress blogs since 2005. As you can see, I am well versed with setting up a simple but effective blog or website using wordpress platform. I can help you build your very own WordPress blog or website for free ( you will have to purchase a hosting package and a domain name).

I can also suggest useful plugins and features that can enhance your website or blog and use it as source of income.

If you would like me to help you build your very own WordPress website or blog, please contact me using the form provided. I will walk you through the steps of building a great website or blog within minutes.

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