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Challenge Your Students with this Tool

A great way to motivate students in the classroom is to create competitions. Students love a challenge and want to win. Competition in the form of a quiz is a popular classroom activity to motivate students to learn and apply their knowledge. At the same time quiz can also be used to gauge student understanding of concepts and principles.

Another very interesting way to motivate students is to use crossword puzzles. I find that students of all age groups like to do crossword puzzles. This becomes even more interesting if they compete in pairs or groups to finish a crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle also has the flexibility of challenging students of varying abilities. 

One problem I faced in using crossword puzzles, is in creating them. It can be very time consuming. Not anymore.There are many online crossword puzzle creators that teachers can use to create crossword puzzles to suit their needs. One such online puzzle creator is Crossword Labs. This is a great puzzle creator with a free and premium option. Once created the puzzle is available in word or pdf formats. You can also easily share the puzzle on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or One Cloud. There is also the option to share the puzzle on social media sites. Another great feature of this crossword creator is the answers can be password protected. This means I can give give my students the crossword online but they will need a password to view the answer. 

 Hera are 2  sample crossword puzzles:-

Without Answer Key and

With Answer  Key.

Try it now!

You can create crossword puzzles for all kinds of reasons or occasions including as a time filler, assessment purpose or just for fun. Have a try and you will be hooked as I am.


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