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Expanding Brackets – Worksheet

Here is an algebra worksheet on expanding brackets. This worksheet has been designed to help you revise the topic thoroughly. Before you start, make sure you spend a few minutes watching a video on ‘Expanding Brackets’. Then start with the examples on the left and work your way through from bronze to gold levels. Mark your work before moving on to the next section. Once you have completed the whole worksheet, test yourself with an online quiz on the same topic. This makes the revision complete and you will be able to gauge your understanding of the topic.


If you are interested in getting similar or other worksheets for your revision or if you are a teacher,  for your teaching, please visit my shop on TES website. I have created a variety of worksheets and revision sheets to suit different needs. You can also request for worksheets to be created for GCSE Maths or GCSE Science topics. Please do remember that these worksheets are copyrighted. You are only to use them for yourself.


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