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Fillable Science Worksheets

More and more students have access to the internet and spend more time online. Teachers have to keep up with the times and create materials that students can access online. I have created a collection of worksheets in Pdf format that can be filled by students and sent back to their teachers for marking and feedback.

Here are 3 sample fillable pdf worksheets for Science – Physics. These questions are from past GCSE exam papers. You can download these worksheets to try them out.

Fillable Science Worksheet – Energy Changes

Fillable Science Worksheet – Energy Efficiency

Fillable Science Worksheet – Energy Resources

How to use these worksheets

You can share the worksheet with your student through email. Homework website or Google Classroom. 
Your students will have to download the worksheet, fill it and send it back to you for marking. 
I have inserted spaces for marks and written feedback/comments.

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These worksheets can be used for homework or for revision work over the holidays. Really useful when students are off due to illness.

Creating Fillable Worksheet Service

If you would like me to convert your PDF worksheets to fillable pdf worksheets, please contact me with details of the type of worksheet you would like me to convert for you.

Please feel free to give me your feedback on these fillable worksheets.


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