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Free Flash Card Maker

Flash cards make great learning and teaching tool. It can be used in many ways including for as Starters, revision cards or made in to a game. There a number pf websites offering flash card makers. I found one that does not require registration or payment. It’s called Free Printable Flash Card Maker

The creator of  Free Printable Flash Card Maker  has taken the trouble to include Maths symbols and also images. Read the clear easy to follow instructions on the main page on how you can easily include Maths equations and formula and also images from a url. The cards are then converted to PDF for printing on normal paper or cards. There is also dotted lines for easy cutting of the cards. 

Click here to view an example

I would say the creator of the tool has given much thought to producing a very good, easy to use and convenient  flash card maker. In return you can help the creator by clicking on the ads or purchasing something from Amazon (Affiliate). A small price to pay for such a great tool.

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