Here you will find information on other matters relevant to parents and teachers including blogging, free stuff and other tools and resources available online. You can also share any tools and resources that you thing will be useful to parents and teachers in some way or other. Please contact me with details of your contribution and in return I will post a link to your website or online profile.

Cheers! to Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day to all! Today we celebrate the most important day of our existence on Earth. We give thanks …
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7 Ways Teachers Can Earn Extra Income Online

As a teacher myself I find it hard to make ends meet with my teachers income. I have to supplement …
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Achieve your New Year Resolutions

Many of us find it easy to set goals but have great difficulty achieving them. One reason for this is …
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How to Pass Your Driving Test

If you are taking the Driving Theory test then here is a great way to revise for the test. You …
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Personalised Christmas Gifts

In a couple of months we will be celebrating Christmas. One of the most difficult task is to choose a …
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How to Make a Living With Your Writing

Tips on writing a book and how you can turn it into a saleable item. A step-by-step process from idea …
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