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Google Forms in the classroom

Google Forms has undergone major changes that it has now become an essential tool in classrooms. It has features that makes it suitable for setting homework or as a assessment tool. Among other features google forms can now be used to collect data that will be useful to teachers to address their teaching. 

I have used google forms for quite sometime now and find the changes made really helpful. The templates for education is particularly useful for teachers will be using Google Forms for the first time. It is designed to create quizzes in the form of  exit tickets, worksheets and assessments. The feedback features like auto marking answers will definitely cut down workload. I am sure most teachers will agree with me that Google Forms has undergone very positive changes. To help you explore google forms as a useful tool in the classroom here are videos that I have found very useful.

A detailed Introduction to Google Forms

Inserting Maths Equations into google Forms


There many other videos available about Google forms but I think the above videos will be more than enough for now.

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