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KS3 Science Websites

You will notice that there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that offer very resources for Maths. Unfortunately this is not case for secondary Science. There is a great need for websites offering good resources and tools for the teaching of secondary science especially at Key Stage 3 level (UK curriculum). Here I would like to share some of the science websites that I have used in my teaching and found to be very useful. If you know of any other secondary science websites, please feel free to share them here. 

Andy Darvill’s Science website
There are some very good resources here. I particularly like the online quiz.

NT Science 
Some good resources for revising KS3 science. My students enjoy the crossword puzzles and find them challenging. You will have to purchase the answers to the crossword puzzles. The website also provides free science quiz powerpoints. 

Doc Brown
This website provides a lot of info about the the new curriculum. It also provides free quiz and crossword puzzles.

I will the intro on the website speak for itself:

It’s a jungle out there so scibermonkey collects all the best websites … throws out the nuts … leaving you with the pick of the bunch to go ape about science and swing through school!

Don’t Stop Learning
This website caters for Australian schools but the KS3 content is relevant to the UK or anywhere else. A collection of online cloze passages. Very suitable as revision material.

The name may be misleading but the website also provides some Science resources. Explore the website to find suitable exam style questions for KS3 Science.

Check back again for additions to this list.


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