A special page for students and learners. You will find tips, guides and suggestions for students to improve and perform well at school. You will also find revision resources, worksheets and tools that you can use for preparing for your examinations. Best of luck!

5-A-Day Maths Worksheet

In order to master mathematical skills, you would need to regularly practise Maths. One way to do this is to work through a set of questions on a daily basis. The set of questions covers various topics and normally it would contain about five questions. This should take you about …
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Maths Exam Success

If you are preparing for an important Maths exam in the next few months then here is what you need – an ebook or book designed to guide and help you prepare systematically for Maths exams. This book/ebook was written specially for GCSE students but it will be useful to …
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Free Maths Worksheet – Expanding Brackets

Here is an algebra worksheet on expanding brackets. This worksheet has been designed to help you revise the topic thoroughly. Before you start, make sure you spend a few minutes watching a video on ‘Expanding Brackets’. Then start with the examples on the left and work your way through from …
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You Must Watch This Video

When preparing for major exams like the GCSE or A-levels, there will be times when you get demotivated due to circumstances. It is at times like these you will need an external motivation to push you on to keep revising and working towards your goal. Here is a video I …
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4 Maths Websites For Revision

It’s the time of the year when most students are busy preparing for the GCSE exams or End of Year exams. Your teachers would have told you when exactly the exams are and would have reminded you to revise for the exam. Those students taking the GCSE exams in May …
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