With over 30 years of experience teaching secondary students, I would like to share my ideas, strategies and resources. This page is dedicated to matters related to teaching and tutoring.Hopefully this will help teachers and tutors in some way to cope with the pressures and demands of teaching. 

KS3 Science Websites

You will notice that there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that offer very resources for Maths. Unfortunately this is not case for secondary Science. There is a great need for websites offering good resources and tools for the teaching of secondary science especially at Key Stage 3 level …
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Teachers! You will like this

In the course of our teaching career, we come across hundreds of websites that can in one way or other help enhance our teaching. Some websites provide us with essential tools that can make our teaching life a little easier. there are also websites that provide services that can enrich …
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10 Essential Tools For Tutors

Tutoring has been my other income earner. In fact, I started tutoring way before I became a qualified teacher. As a tutor I depend on a variety of tools and resources to help me prepare for my tutoring sessions. I have used several websites to organise and support my tutoring …
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A Must Have Online Tool For Teachers

Ever wanted to convert a worksheet into an online sheet? Here is your chance to create online tasks using the worksheets you have created. This very helpful tool will convert your worksheet into an online worksheet. And if you input the answers, you can get instant feedback on the progress …
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Sell your worksheets online

There is a rising number teachers who are making extra cash by selling their worksheets online. You can also sell your worksheets and lesson resources on the internet. Many digital marketplace have popped up helping teachers to sell their resources. With the increase in workload teachers are finding it hard …
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