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Why I Started Blogging

You would have noticed that I have a few active blogs online. I first started blogging in 2005. At that time I did not realise the significance or importance of starting a blog. I did as a passing interest. At that time was introduced by Google and it made it quite easy to create a blog. Then I left my first blog and did not think much of it.

However, a few years later I came across WordPress and saw there was much interest in blogging as an online activity. I started a blog on WordPress  about the environment – Good 2 Know. I also went back to my first blog with and started blogging about KS3 and GCSE Maths – My Mathspages. This was well received by my students.

After this I was motivated to look into blogging more and I realised that people were actually using blogs to establish themselves as experts in their chosen field. Some were using blogs as a source of income. Naturally I became interested in this and went on to research more about using blogs as a source of income. This is when I cam to know about Adsense PPC and Affiliate marketing. This prompted me to start a few more websites.

Then in 2009 I created my first paid hosted blog using wordpress platform. Since then I have created a few of blogs and websites. Soon I was managing about 6 blogs. I was making a steady income stream but could not manage all of them. I had to trim down and finally ended with the blogs I have now. The experience i gained from managing the different blogs has been useful and I can now easily create and maintain a wordpress blog. I have experimented with different plugins and themes to create blogs for different purpose. I am happy to help anyone start a website or blog using WordPress platform.

As time goes by I am learning more about blogging and its potential as a source of income and establishing a brand name or business. If you are planning to make blogging a way to earn extra money or you would like to start a blog for your family, community or club with a low budget please contact me. I can help you do this in a short time with minimum expenses. For more details about my service, click here.

Best of luck.


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